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Totally Nude in the Bathtub



I found another glimpse of Sandra Bullock’s naked tits, and it’s unbelievable! One of my all-time favourite places to have sex is in the bathtub (one of my ex girlfriends had a real, honest-to-God clawfoot soaker tub that we used to go crazy in) … I am getting hard just looking at this photo! It’s a shame you can’t see her sweet pink nips in this shot, but wow… what an ass!!! It almost makes up for it. Her face is what completes the photo, though – look at that playful, coquettish laugh she has, almost inviting you to slide into the tub with her!!

What a time that would be…. I would start by playing hard-to-get before starting to slowly work her confidences and trust. Before you know it, though, we would start to froth up that bubble bath again with our thrashing!! Just thinking about it wants me to pull out my copy of Fire in the Amazon and imagine myself fucking her again. Oh Sandra! You are so sexy and sweet… why can’t you be mine?

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Totally Nude and Having Rough Sex



Holy fucking shit…. I will always remember the first time I saw this movie. Not only is Sandra Bullock nude (and I mean TOTALLY nude), she’s involved in a pretty intense fucking scene! Fire on the Amazon is a pretty forgettable movie, but man oh man, I’ve always imagined myself balls-deep in Sandra and now I can see what it would be like!!

I’ve jerked off so many times to this scene, I think the oxide wore off of the tape because it gets all fuzzy now when I try to watch it (anyone got a DVD copy?!?!) Thank God for the Internet! Her co-star fucks her from behind, the front, even sideways if that’s even possible. There are so many precious few scenes of Sandra Bullock naked floating around, much less fucking, that they are all rare gems. If you wanna see Sandra Bullock naked and fucking, check it out.. you definitely won’t be sorry!! (except for the layer of skin rubbed off of your dick).

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In Her Birthday Suit

sandra_bullock_nude6It took her awhile to remove her wedding ring even after husband Jesse James cheated on her with some heavily inked up LA stripper, but she did, and finally appeared to be more at peace with things afterward. It can’t have been easy but now that it’s all over and things are back to normal, she’s looking as fine as ever! More nudes available and that’s always a happy day!!

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Sandra gets nude and WET!

Sandra Bullock Nude

Sandra Bullock Nude

Sandra Bullock nude and wet! Just check out those EXCELLENT dick-sucking lips. Movies like Speed 2: Cruise Control give us rabid Sandra Bullock fans what we want to see – skin! Especially wet skin! Again, her eyes and face almost make up for the fact her beautiful tits are mercilessly below the frame.

I’m not sure what this photo is from…. is it a still from a movie, or a publicity photo? I’m leaning towards publicity photo, but man oh man – what would make a beautiful beach more appealing than one with Sandra Bullock? I fucked a girl I used to date on the beach one night, and it was so damn hot… I can’t imagine what seeing Sandra Bullock nude in a white sandy beach must be like, but I’m sure I wouldn’t last too long!!

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